Vietnam Embassy Brunei Darussalam

The Vietnam Embassy in Brunei Darussalam is located at the below address, in addition to this we have listed the known phone, fax email and website addresses along with a google maps page to make finding the Vietnam Embassy in Brunei Darussalam easy.

Embassy of Vietnam in Brunei Darussalam
No 9,Spg 148-3 jalan Telanai  BA 2312,BSB Brunei Darussalam

Tel: (673) 265 1580 (673) 245 6486
Fax: (673) 265 1574




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Vietnamese Food Drink & Restaurants

Vietnamese Pork Roll Banh Mi Thit

Vietnamese bread rolls Banh Mi Thit

Along with architecture and café culture one of the good things that came out of the 100 year rule of Vietnam by the French, was the French style bread. Bánh mì thịt or the humble Vietnamese bread roll is a fusion of East and West with bread and Paté fused with chả lụa (Vietnamese ham) roast pork, pickled carrot long with coriander cucumber soy sauce and chilli. This fusion of east meets west is a very tasty combination. An average Bánh mì thịt on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City will set you back less than VND 22,000 (AU/US $1 ) however the filling is normally lacking compared to a Bánh mì thịt found back in Australia. The good news is for just a little more most sellers are willing to give you an upgrade just ask for a Bánh mì thịt đặc biệt (Special) or offer more money and point at what you want more of and/or any of the extras you want.

Ho Chi Minh City Taxis

Bánh Xèo Crispy Vietnamese Pancake

How can anyone resist a crispy pancake filled with pork and prawn, then wrapped in Vietnamese Lettuce along with Vietnamese mints finally dipped in Nước mắm chấm and eaten, this is Bánh Xèo or Crispy Vietnamese Pancake. On my first visit to Vietnam about 10 years ago I had not heard of this treat and after trying for the first time I was very surprised it did not have the same stats as Pho, and almost all of my western friends and family we introduce Bánh Xèo to are also in the same boat, loving every little bite of it, The comment I most hear from westerners is how delicious it is and just how hard it was to stop eating. The word Bánh Xèo literally gets its name (Xèo) from the sound that the pancake makes when the batter is poured into the hot fry pan or wok, Bánh is the Vietnamese word or classifier that means made from a flour mixture such as bread. Even though Bánh Xèo originated in the south it can be found throughout Vietnam and some regions have their own variation such as in Bánh khoái (happy creaps) which originate in Hue and are a fraction of the size of the much larger Bánh Xèo that is found further south . It is also quite common (in the south) for Bánh Xèo to be made with duck instead of Pork, and my wife tells me this is the traditional way of making it. For me I prefer Bánh Xèo with (Thịt heo) Pork and it has to be eaten as soon as possible after coming off the pan when the pancake is at its crispiness Down in Vĩnh Long on the Mekong I have found places that sell massive 40cm wide Banh Xeo pancakes that are enough to feed a family and cost about $1 each. Where to try Bánh Xèo? Bánh Xèo is a very common street food that you can find being made on the streets of most towns and cities, however the restaurant my wife first introduced me to Bánh Xèo was the very well-known Bánh Xèo 46a on Đinh Công Tráng just of Hai Bà Trưng, in fact this little street has several other good Bánh Xèo places but none the match the 46A. Bánh Xèo 46A 46A Đinh Công Tráng, Tân Định, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam View Larger Map

Nha Hang Ngon 160 Pasture St District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Nhà Hàng Ngon Restaurant Ho Chi Minh City

From my first time in Vietnam An Ngon Restaurant was my favourite restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City when I first arrived I returned several times in the first few weeks. However things have changed in the last 10 years for a start the original Ngon is no longer known as Quan An Ngon its now Nha Hang Ngon also they are no longer at their old location  (nearly opposite to the entry of Reunification Palace) they are now located at 160 Pasteur St, Ho Chi Minh City As hinted above there is a bit of controversy with the Quan An Ngon restaurant change, the story goes this very successful restaurant was kicked out of the original location by the land/building owner then while the owner of the original restaurant was finding new premises the the land owner setup in the original premises and stole the name Quan An Ngon name.  I am not sure if that’s the full or even the true story but it’s what most family and friends tell me. So do I still feel the same way about An Ngon Ho Chi Minh City? To find out I recently returned to my original favourite restaurant in Saigon to find out The gallery below shows the entry to the original premises as well as the new, as you can see the logo has changed and the new building is larger and more modern, however the concept remains the same Vietnamese street food served in a restaurant setting, so you still see the street food styled food preparation areas scattered along the sides of the restaurant. My all-time fave dish was their Nem nướng wrapped in bánh tráng with Vietnamese mints, pineapple and then dipped Nước mắm chấm pictured below.   My Verdict In its new location An Ngon still has a similar vibe as its old location however; I am not sure if it’s me because my wife and her family have spoilt me over the years with great Vietnamese cooking or if An Ngon is not the same any more, I had a good meal but I did not enjoy the food quite as much as I did in the past, added to this the size of the meal is a lot smaller and the price has skyrocketed. I can see how the price has increased, nowhere in Vietnam; (in particular Ho Chi Minh City) is immune to the staggering increase in the cost of living over the last 10 years, but I was a least expecting to experience the same mouth-watering Vietnamese taste sensation which I first experienced years earlier. Having said the above don’t let my view stop you from visiting Nhà Hàng Ngon as I said above perhaps because I eat Vietnamese food every day and have been spoilt with some very good cooks in the family and my palate has evolved, you might just have the same experience I originally had. I would like to hear from long time and new visitors to Ngon, did you have a […]

Vietnamese Coffee Cà phê đá on the left and Cà phê sữa đá on the right

The Vietnamese Coffee Debate Ca Phe Sua Da or Ca Phe Da?

How do you have your Vietnamese Coffee Cà phê đá or Cà phê sữa đá? For the un-initiated Vietnamese coffee is strong yet an enjoyable brew and is something most travellers to Vietnam will be come acquainted with before their trip is over, I and most Vietnamese start the day off with a mandatory glass of the stuff when I am in Australia its normally a fairly quick drink however when I am residing in Vietnam it is normally a longer affair, nothing better than sitting down with a few friends in the morning at a local café sipping on a cà phê sữa đá or cà phê đá as the morning lingers on. Which brings me on to my next point how do you have your Vietnamese coffee for many years I was a big fan of cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese Coffee with condensed milk and ice) but in recent years and to the joy of my father in-law I have switched to cà phê đá (Vietnamese Coffee with just Ice and Sugar) i.e. minus the condensed milk. In general if you ask the Vietnamese population what they prefer in the cà phê đá / cà phê sữa đá debate, responses would be drawn down gender lines with most Vietnamese women preferring cà phê sữa đá and the guys preferring cà phê đá As for visiting a café in Vietnam that’s another story what I can say the Cafés in Vietnam range from a simple side walk setup with plastic chairs and tables up to the most spectacular garden themed cafés complete with waterfalls, stay tuned for a future article on Vietnamese Cafés, until then here is a link to an feature story I wrote for sister blog Asia Travel Magazine back in 2009 – Saigon Cafes – Our Guide to Cafes in Saigon Vietnam

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